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Seasonal Three Course Tasting Menu:



Red and Black Lumberjack

Barrel Aged Genever, Barrel Proof Bourbon, Dry Curaçao, Manzanilla Sherry,

Aperitivo Americano Bianco, Braeburn Apple Juice,

Brown Sugar, Cardamom


With The Hat to Match

Mezcal, Breckenridge Bitters, Pine, 

Sarsaparilla, Winesap and Honeycrisp Apple Tincture


If You Don't Know, Now You Know

Puerto Rican Rum and Calvados Infused with Apple Schnitz,

Caramel, Fuji Apple, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

Served Hot


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Current Signature Drinks


There Is No Dana, Only Zuul

Blanco Tequila, Lime Cordial, Cream, Graham Cracker,

Cinnamon, Egg White


Violet Beauregard

Cognac, Overproof Rum, Honey Grappa, 

Blueberry, Lemon Juice


Joy Spring

Cachaça, White Rum, Nigori Saké

Amaretto, Banana, Maple, Lemon juice, Egg White


Cripple Creek Swizzle

Single Barrel Bourbon, Fino Sherry, Aperol,

Falernum, Lemon and Lime juices, Orange Bitters


Shorter, Faster, Louder

Blended Scotch, Islay Scotch, Green Chartreuse, Cream of Coconut, 

Lemon and Pineapple Juices, Basil


Confused Traveler

Jamaican Rum, Amaro Nonino, Amaro Montenegro, Parsnip, Walnut,

Lemon and Lime Juices, Angostura Bitters, Egg White, Club Soda


Your Crooked Neighbor 

Blanc Rhum Agricole, Blanc Vermouth, Amontillado Sherry, 

Amaro Nonino, Cinnamon


... With a Baseball Bat

Bourbon Infused With Peanut Butter, Genever, Blackberry, 

Raspberry, Brown Sugar, Aromatic Bitters



White Rum, Overproof Rum, Blanc Vermouth, Housemade Orange Liqueur,

Angostura Bitters, Vanilla


Restraining Order

Reposado Tequila, Aperol, Celery Bitters


The Italian Market

Rye Whiskey, Blanc Vermouth, Cardamaro,

Peach, Long Hot Pepper


Youth Is Wasted On The Young

Calvados, Bourbon, Overproof and Blackstrap Rums,

Fig, Barbecue Spices,Oranges Bitters

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Available in a Glass, Carafe, or Bowl


Mr. Sax's Hullabaloo

Reposado Tequila, Ramazzotti, Apple, Apricot,

Lemon and Lime Juices


Violent Femme Punch

Blanco Tequila, Fino Sherry, Falernum, Ginger, Pineapple,

Lemon and Beet Juices, Cilantro


Paper Moon Punch

Bourbon, Genever, Blanc Vermouth, Cinnamon,

Lemon and Pineapple Juices, Peychaud's and Angostura Bitters


Unsolicted Punch

Gin, Overproof Jamaican Rum, Campari, Ruby Port,

Pineapple and Lime Juices, Jamaican Jerk and Peychaud’s Bitters, Salt


Greatest Hits

  Five Course Tasting of Our Favorite Signature Drinks


Demon Tied to a Chair in My Brain

Overproof Jamaican Rum, Maurin Quina, Creole Shrubb, Lemon Juice


Ego Trippin'

Navy Strength Gin, Coconut, Pineapple and Lime Juices, Thai Spiced Bitters


Elephant Flip

Ramazzotti, Overproof Rum, Bourbon, Pomegranate, Aromatic Bitters,

Pinch of Salt, Whole Egg, Topped with IPA


...With a Baseball Bat

Bourbon Infused with Peanut Butter, Genever, Blackberry,

Raspberry, Brown Sugar, Aromatic Bitters


Riddles in the Dark

Rye Whiskey, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Sweet Vermouth,

Amaro Nardini, Cherry, Moroccan Bitters



Reserve List

Classic Cocktails with the Best Ingredients



Solera Aged Puerto Rican Rum, Martinican Sugar Cane, 

Lime Juice


Last Word

Green Chartreuse V.E.P, Navy Strength Gin,

Maraschino, Lime Juice


Vieux Carre

30 Year Old Cognac, Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth,

Benedictine, Angostura and Peychaud's Bitters


Old Fashioned

Extra Anejo Tequila, Martinican Sugar Cane,

Boker's and Angostura Bitters


Improved Cocktail

15 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch, Maraschino, Demerara Sugar,

Boker's and Angostura Bitters, Absinthe


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